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Iranians, Objects, Words

Photojournalism  project

Medium: 90 pieces of Archival Inkjet prints (Epson Enhanced Matte Paper)
Overal size of the artwork: 26 x 188 in.
Year: 2018

“Iranians, Objects, Words” is a 90-piece artwork that consists of 30 passport-like portraits, 30 photos of objects belonging to participants with 30 sentences relating to each of those objects. These words are selected from conversations conducted with 30 people of Iranian descent while taking their portraits. It is clear that most nations have very different personalities regardless of their appearance, but the issues of assimilation can be a common problem among most immigrants. As an Iranian, it felt more natural to do the project within my community in-state college where I use to study MFA and teach Photography at Penn State. The work tries to show hints of the issue of assimilation and engage the viewer in a grid puzzle in front of them.

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