Short Bio:

Amir is an Iranian photographer/educator based in the United States. While most of his work deals with memories rooted deeply in his personal life, it is also looking outward into people’s nostalgia. Although he considers himself a photographer, he believes different media offers different avenues to express different ideas. His work is profoundly affected by his background studies in Architecture and his life as an overly organized person. Carefully-composed straight lines, organized grid layouts and carefully shaped artworks speak to him.

Amir has been awarded for his photographs internationally a couple of times. Also, he has received a couple of international photographic distinctions from different organizations in the world including the Photographic Society of America. In addition, he has shown his work in galleries and museums around the world and in the US in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Pennsylvania. He finished his Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts at The Pennsylvania State University with his final thesis title, Encapsulated Memories in 2019. Currently, he is teaching as an Adjunct Lecturer of Art at The Pennsylvania State University.

Recent Highlights from the CV:

  • ​Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan9th Annual ISFPC Exhibition, Isfahan, Iran

  • PPSA distinction for proficiency in exhibiting work, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • ARPS Associate distinction, Royal Photographic Society (RPS), UK

  • BPSA portfolio distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • PSA Gold Medal (Monochrome section), 4th Circular Exhibition of Photography - Two Country Circuit, Novi Sad, Serbia

  • MEED 3: When Photography Ruled the Street, Internationally Curated Show, Curated by Ahmed Ozver, Gallery 19, Chicago, IL, USA

  • Mono–Kromatic, Praxis Photo Art Center, Internationally Curated Show, Curate by Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Summary of CV:

*A detailed CV is availabile upon request


  • Master of Fine Arts – Art (Photography), School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, May 2019


  • Adjunct Lecturer, Studio Art, School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA,    Fall 2019   |   Spring 2020

International Photographic Distinctions

  • ARPS Associate of Royal Photographic Society (RPS), UK

  • PPSA ROPA distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • BPSA portfolio distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • QPSA ROPA distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • AFIAP (Artist FIAP) distinction, Awarded by Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (AFIAP)

  • C MoL distinction, Awarded by Master of Light Photographic Association (MoL)​

  • GPU CR2 (GPU Crown 2) distinction, Awarded by Global Photographic Union (GPU)

  • GPU Aphrodite portfolio achievement distinction, Awarded by Global Photographic Union (GPU)

Awards - International photography competitions

  • 6 Gold medals - France  |   USA  |   Montenegro   |   Vietnam  |   Serbia

  • 3 Silver Medals - Serilanka  |   Iran  |   India

  • 1 Bronze Medal - Montenegro

  • 5 Merit Award - Italy  |   Singapore  |   Hong Kong

  • 2 Diploma Award - UK   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 14 Honorable Mention - Serbia  |   Montenegro  |   India  |   Seri Lanka  |   Singapore  |   Ireland  |   Ukraine  |   Vietnam  |   Czech Republic

International Photography Salons

  • More than 500 acceptances in international photography solons from about 125 different jury panels in more than 34 countries:

Albania    |   Argentina    |   Australia    |   Bangladesh   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina   |   Bulgaria   |   China   |   Czech Republic   |   Cyprus   | Ecuador   |   France   |   Germany   |   Hong Kong   |   Italy   |   Ireland   |   Iran   |   India   |   Indonesia   |   Montenegro   |   Portugal   |   Russia   | Serbia   |   Singapore   |   South Africa   |    Sri Lanka   |    Switzerland   |   Sweden    |   Thailand   |    Turkey   |      Taiwan   |   Ukraine   |   UK   | USA   |   Vietnam   |

Selected Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Studio Art,  School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA:  Fall 2019  |  Spring 2020

    • Photo 101 - Culture of Photography

    • Photo 202 - Fundamentals of Professional Photography​

  • Instructor of Record - School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA: Spring 2018  |   Fall 2018  |   Spring 2019

    • Photo 202 - Fundamentals of Professional Photography

  • Online Academic Program Assistant (Online Grader) - School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA: Summer 2019

    • Art 001 - ​Introduction to Visual Arts

  • Adjunct Lecture - Architectural Photography, Islamic Azad University of Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran: Fall 2015

  • Adjunct Lecturer- Architecture Practice 1, Amin Institute of Higher Education, Spring 2012

Selected Professional Experience & Leadership

  • Gallery Coordinator, The Edwin W. Zoller Gallery (Part-Time), Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, Spring 2020

  • Gallery Programming Assistant, Woskob Family Gallery (Part-Time), May 2019 to present

  • Co-adviser/Curator, Humpday Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, Apr. 2018 to May 2019

  • Vice President, Isfahan Photo Club, Isfahan, Iran (2016-2017)

  • Professional Architectural Photographer full-time employed (2015 - 2017) 

  • Professional Architectural/Real Estate Photographer - Freelance for more than 40 clients (2012 - 2017) 

Selected Jury Experiences

  • 7 times of serving on a jury panel or committee for evaluating peers work including :

    • Serving on Search Committee Member forDepartment of Art and Architecture, Pennsylvania State University, evaluating applications for two tenure-track faculty positions​

    • Nouroozgah Cultural photo competition supported by Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization in Iran

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