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Bio of Amirmasoud Agharebparast:

Hi! My name is Amir!


I'm a former architect and a photography professor with more than 10 years of experience in architectural photography


I learned photography through self-study first and then at Penn State, where I received my Master of Fine Art with a concentration in Photography. I also have a Master's degree in Architecture*. I am currently a photography professor in the Department of Art+Design at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee, where I teach a variety of classes such as Studio Lighting, Darkroom Photography, and Advanced Photography.


I was fortunate to exhibit my photos worldwide and to receive 30 international awards in more than 20 countries such as the USA, UK, France, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, China, and Argentina. My fine art and commercial architectural photos have been widely published. I was also fortunate to receive international photography distinctions from many organizations including the Royal Photographic Society (England), the International Federation of Photographic Art (Belgium), the Global Photographic Union, and the Photographic Society of America. 

My limited liability photography company is registered in Tennessee, but I take on architectural photography/videography projects nationally in the U.S.



What do I photograph as a fine art photographer?

I enjoy taking carefully composed 2D conventional photographs as well as non-conventional work that pushes the usual definition of the medium. Illuminated encapsulated photographs in translucent cubic frames, laser-etched tea-toned cyanotypes of photographs taken by cellphone, heavily composited photographs that question the trustworthiness of a photograph, and works that occupy the space rather than just a part of the wall are some examples of my fine art work.

My recent solo show was about physical spaces; I explore the similarities and differences one is exposed to when being relocated. The work was also about finding peace, where one can extend their imagination and place themselves wherever one desire. It was about looking high above when surrounded by unfamiliarity. As the Persian poet Sohrâb Sepehrî said: “No matter where I am, the sky is [still] mine”.


  • Master of Fine Arts – Art (Photography), School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, May 2019

  • Master of Architectural Engineering, Art University of Isfahan, Iran 2013


  • Owner and Photographer, Amir Aghareb LLC, TN, USA

  • Assistant Professor of Art and Design - PhotographyDepartment of Art + Design, Austin Peay State University, TN, USA


  • ARPS Associate of Royal Photographic Society (RPS), UK

  • PPSA ROPA distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • BPSA portfolio distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • QPSA ROPA distinction, Awarded by Photographic Society of America (PSA)​

  • AFIAP (Artist FIAP) distinction, Awarded by Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (AFIAP)

  • C MoL distinction, Awarded by Master of Light Photographic Association (MoL)​

  • GPU CR2 (GPU Crown 2) distinction, Awarded by Global Photographic Union (GPU)

  • GPU Aphrodite portfolio achievement distinction, Awarded by Global Photographic Union (GPU)


  • 6 Gold medals - France  |   USA  |   Montenegro   |   Vietnam  |   Serbia

  • 3 Silver Medals - Serilanka  |   Iran  |   India

  • 1 Bronze Medal - Montenegro

  • 5 Merit Award - Italy  |   Singapore  |   Hong Kong

  • 2 Diploma Award - UK   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 14 Honorable Mention - Serbia  |   Montenegro  |   India  |   Seri Lanka  |   Singapore  |   Ireland  |   Ukraine  |   Vietnam  |   Czech Republic


  • More than 500 acceptances in international photography solons from about 125 different jury panels in more than 34 countries:

Albania    |   Argentina    |   Australia    |   Bangladesh   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina   |   Bulgaria   |   China   |   Czech Republic   |   Cyprus   | Ecuador   |   France   |   Germany   |   Hong Kong   |   Italy   |   Ireland   |   Iran   |   India   |   Indonesia   |   Montenegro   |   Portugal   |   Russia   | Serbia   |   Singapore   |   South Africa   |    Sri Lanka   |    Switzerland   |   Sweden    |   Thailand   |    Turkey   |      Taiwan   |   Ukraine   |   UK   | USA   |   Vietnam   |


  • Assistant Professor of Art and Design - PhotographyDepartment of Art + Design, Austin Peay State University, TN, USA: Since Fall 2020

    • ART 4190 - Advanced Photography (used to be called Photo III)

    • ART 3690 - Digital Photography

    • ART 3590 - Photo Studio Lighting  (used to be called Photo II)

    • ART 2080 - Photo I​ 

    • ART 2090 - Photo I to non-majors 

    • ART 1035 - Intro to Art (asynchronous)

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Studio Art,  School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA:  Fall 2019  |  Spring 2020

    • PHOTO 101 - Culture of Photography

    • PHOTO202 - Fundamentals of Professional Photography​

  • Instructor of Record - School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA: Spring 2018  |   Fall 2018  |   Spring 2019

    • PHOTO202 - Fundamentals of Professional Photography


  • TN Membership Director, Photographic Society of America, Since Jan 2021–Dec 2022

  • Gallery Coordinator, The Edwin W. Zoller Gallery (Part-Time), Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, Spring 2020

  • Gallery Programming Assistant, Woskob Family Gallery (Part-Time), May 2019 to present

  • Co-adviser/Curator, Humpday Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, Apr. 2018 to May 2019

  • Vice President, Isfahan Photo Club, Isfahan, Iran (2016-2017)

  • Professional Architectural Photographer full-time employed (2015 - 2017) 

  • Professional Architectural/Real Estate Photographer - Freelance for more than 40 clients (Since 2012)


  • Served on International Photography Award with Exhibition for Sare Are Gallery, Mosco, Russia

  • Nouroozgah Cultural photo competition supported by Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization in Iran

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