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Salon Honorable Mention Ribbon, 3rd Circular Exhibition of Photography, MNE PBK CIRCUIT, Montenegro

My photo has been received an Jonorable Mention Ribbon from the 3rd Circular Exhibiton of Photography in Montenecgro. the contest was open to photographers from all over the world and was juried 3 times separately in 3 cities of Montenegro. There are about 200 photographers from around 40 countries and the juries members in the city of Budva were Geza Lennert (EFIAP, MF FSS), Ali Samei (EFIAP/b, ESFIAP), Danilo Cvetanovic (AFIAP, MF FSS)

Circuit: a photographic circuit is a determined number of salons (minimum 3 and maximum five) that is organized in different cities in one or several countries.


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